Big Dreams Learning center welcomes children of all abilities, with the commitment to provide quality care and education to each child. We believe every child is a unique individual with varying needs, and we welcome the diversity that brings to our centers. We believe curriculum is everything that happens in the classroom, from interactions and meals to singing and playing. We never miss an opportunity to educate.


Big Dreams Learning Center offers accelerated learning using technology which over the years has been proven that children thrive in a holistic learning environment, where they are challenged and nurtured to develop intellectually, physically, emotionally and artistically.While academics play a vital role in development, we believe there are many other opportunities for enhancing the whole child. Come join us and see the difference


At Big Dreams learning center teachers are nurturer as well as educator, who encourages learning through technology, exploration and who understands the balance between what children needs to feel safe and what it requires to reach there potential. Each level activity is designed with a specific lesson or outcome in mind. In fact, our activities are designed to align with progress sequentially across six developmental methods.

Texas School Ready Curriculum


​Mindful Parenting


A guide to understanding your child’s emotions.

Pride and Joy


A guide to understanding your child’s emotions and solving family problems.

From the Heart

​​Psychoanalytic Stories

& Resources

     " Education is the most powerful                      weapon which you can use to

change the world".


                             Nelson Mandela!!

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